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Plastic Surgery Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settled

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A woman who suffered from an infection after liposuction surgery has settled a medical malpractice lawsuit against the physician. Dr. Andrew Chontos performed the surgery on Julie Hays in 2003. This is the third malpractice suit settled against the former surgeon,

The lawsuit says on Sept. 18, 2003, Chontos drained fluid from Julie Hays’ abdomen. The fluid was infected, according to the suit.

The lawsuit said Chontos then removed fat from her lower abdomen, which created a large wound, exposing Hays to ongoing infection, which eventually led to further surgery to remove the infected mesh.

Immediately following surgery, Hays suffered complications, which left her with a large amount of blood in her abdomen.

There are still two cosmetic surgery malpractice suits pending against Dr. Chontos.