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Confidence Restored in Jury System

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This week in South Carolina the jury system established by our founding fathers once again has proven its self to be a successful tool for justice. In two separate cases, juries in Marion County and Spartanburg County, have restored confidence in the jury system by delivering justice to injured plaintiffs.

In Marion County a injured plaintiff sought damages for injuries which they received in an automobile collision. Although the insurance company refused to fairly compensate the injured person (who had approximately $3,500.00 in medical bills) a jury, who viewed all the evidence, decided that their community would lose accountability for wrongs caused by others if they did not return a verdict for the plaintiff, which they did in the amount of $27,000.00.

Similarly, in Spartanburg County, when Allstate refused to properly evaluate and compensate an injured person, who was hit by a drunk driver, the jury decided that Allstate was wrong and that the injured person needed to be compensated. The jury likely determined that in failing to properly compensate the injured person the community would suffer the loss of accountability and justice and rendered a verdict in the amount of $85,000.00.

Thanks to the men and women who serve on juries like these wrong doers are held accountable and the insurance industry is held accountable to their insureds.