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Safety of Children in Daycares

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As as pointed out in The State newspaper today, many times abuse in daycare is overlooked and there is not appropriate oversight. In this articlehttp://www.thestate.com/426/story/70613.html the newspaper focuses on a Columbia daycare where a child was murdered as a results of negligence despite the fact there had been numerous civil lawsuits and the Department of Social Serivces had conducted numerous investigations.

Although there have been lawsuits and investigations, the owner and manager of the daycare was still permitted to operate the daycare. It is important to investigate the background of the daycare which you maybe considering placing your child. Due to the lack of supervision and regulations it is too easy for negligence and lack of supervision to occur in daycares. http://www.thestate.com/426/story/70613.html
Unforunately when negligence occurs sometimes a loved one suffers and there is no insurance to compensate someone for the loss of their child or the injuries that person may suffer. Protect you and your child by doing research and investigating the back ground of the daycare which you may be placing your children.