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Nursing Home Neglect and Mandatory Arbitration

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In an article recently posted by the National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform, the Coalition explains the ill affects of a binding arbitration agreement in a nursing home abuse situation. As is pointed out in this article it is depriving families of choice and accountability for the places in which their loved ones live.

In the article, as NCCNHR points out, mandatory arbitration provisions takes away the right of the families to hold accountable the negligent actions of the nursing homes.

Some admissions agreements even require families to waive their loved one’s expectation of receiving the quality of services and safe environment that the nursing home contracted with the government to provide when it was certified for Medicare and Medicaid.1

The NCCNHR is a wonderful source for information and action on protecting your loved one in a nursing home from abuse and neglect.

For more information on this subject, please refer to our section on Nursing Home and Elder Abuse.