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No Economic Incentive For Worker Safety?

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Economic incentives for worker safety are disappearing across the country.  “Tort Reform” and workers compensation law reforms will continue to lead to devasting injuries as corporate america makes decisons soley based on economic reasons.  Cases like the scaffolding deaths in Arkansas will fill our newspapers as the remanants of tort reform spread.

In Arkansas, two construction companies and a project supervisor were to blame for a scaffolding collapse that killed two men working above the Arkansas River.  A lawsuit was filed Monday.   According to the lawsuit, filed by the families of the men, Oscar Renda Contracting Inc., SAC Manufacturing Inc and foreman Charles Jackson knew that the work site was dangerous and failed to ensure that scaffolding was safe. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and medical, funeral and burial expenses.  Schulyer Dixon, Houston Chronicle  04/21/2008.

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