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Workers Compensation Deform in South Carolina

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In an article in the Greenville newspaper yesterday the Governor and wealthy business men across the state gathered to sign the new South Carolina Workers Compensation Deform bill. Instead of trying to protect the hard working men and women who form the core values of our country, Governor Sanford has decided to protect profits and businesses. Injured workers will suffer across the state as a result of this bill.

The interesting thing about the article on the front page of the newspaper is that the injured worker and those who have been severely debilitated because of a work injury are missing from the picture. The Governor who is in the hip pockets of the big business and insurance company does not want to stop there as he pointed out:

While the bill also will “open the business playing field and consequently the job opportunities in the state,” the workers’ compensation system still needs further reform

Although who could blame Gov. Sanford as he has never held a real job in his life and would not know what it means to be a skilled worker injured on the job, he just wants to take rights away from the injured worker.

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